Good Boy 70% Dark Chocolate
Good Boy 70% Dark Chocolate

Good Boy 70% Dark Chocolate

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70% Vegan Dark Chocolate made with cocoa beans grown in Solomon Island. Although it is an intensely dark bar, the acidity from the prominent berry flavours provide a refreshing finish. Each bar is wrapped in special recycled paper, it is just as cool as the chocolate inside!


From the maker:


It is a term that means our chocolate just doesn't come out of a bag, ready to melt and use.
The most important thing to understand is that the provenience of the cocoa, just like the grapes for wine, is what gives chocolate its own characteristic flavour profile. Once the fermented cocoa reaches our kitchen bench we are ready to:

  • Roast it
  • Separate it from its husks (or shell)
  • Break it down to a paste
  • Stone grind it for 48 hours,
  • Shape it into the desired form
  • Wrap it for you to savour.


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