Virtual Team Building Activities

With stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne in full effect, businesses are having to look for new ways to keep their teams engaged, moral up and combat the loneliness of remote working. Not just businesses either, friends are desperate for some interaction outside of their cat and netflix.

Here's some ideas of some "Team/friends nights in":

Zoom Trivia

One you can do yourself for free if you have a good quizmaster but we also recommend who can take that stress off you and let them get competitive. Themed trivia with matching dress up optional but be mindful we can't pop out to the costume shop at the moment!

Online Awards Night

If you can't get all dressed up for that one night of the year to show your team you love them, take the awards night to them. Most MCs will be happy to jump on a zoom webinar for you.

Learn how to Tarot

David will teach you the basics of understanding the ancient art of tarot, without the crystal balls, silk capes and black cats*

*these can probably be arranged at extra cost, he doesn't mind a dress up.

Drag Queens and Sangria

Name me a better combination. A great example of the 'pivot' during covid, bringing a popular Air bnb experience into homes around the world.

Bring the Escape Room to You

All of us would love to escape our house at the moment, so here is the next best thing.

There are lots of online cooking classes, arts and craft or you could even get a magician to perform and invite friends and family of your team to increase the good vibes.

If you want to give your team and friends some tasty snacks and drinks for the event, we can help! With fully customisable snack bag and box options and delivery Australia - wide. We would love to help make your next virtual event a snacktacular one!


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